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QA Engineer

Software – New York, New York
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Hammerhead - QA Engineer

Job Summary

Location: New York, NY

Join Hammerhead! We’re a tech startup, building the software platform for the sport of cycling. At present we are focused on building the Karoo, the world’s best bicycle computer. We are a team of athletes, creators, and doers who get to spend our time building the finest product in our category, for the sport we love. The Hammerhead Karoo shipped in March of 2018 and is used by thousands of customers in 32 countries worldwide. This is an exciting time to come aboard, and we are now seeking an experienced software engineer to grow out our software development team New York, NY.  

This position reports to the head of software and operates as a member of a cross-functional Agile development team in a mixed hardware and software environment.  The Karoo cycling computer runs on a customized Android platform so the bulk of the work we do is with Android applications, frameworks, and platform. The product does also include cloud-deployed componentry for moving routes and other information to the cycling computer.  Ideally, the candidate has experience in cycling or with components related to the product such as mapping, routing, and wireless sensor integration.

We are not here to take part in our category, we are here to take it over. We are working on applying some of the most interesting technology to some of the most exciting applications. We’ve built a strong team from around the world. We have extremely ambitious goals for the future as well as the team to seize them. You must bring enthusiasm, aggression, and the determination to succeed, excited by the prospect of working hard, in the full confidence that your colleagues are too.

We do not believe in work/life balance. It’s all life, and it is short. We believe in spending it doing something meaningful, with people you admire, enjoy, and respect. Our culture is defined by the things that we do right, when it would be easier to do them wrong. You must be willing to admit your own mistakes, develop a plan to overcome them, and blame no one else. You must set this example for the team that you directly lead and grow.

Responsibilities and Duties 

  • Is a fully committed member of a cross-functional Agile development team.
  • Is responsible for validating the software development output of features against the acceptance criteria included in the card describing the feature.
  • Performs manual testing as needed, which may include driving or cycling tests on the open road along with bench testing.
  • Implements automated tests to their abilities and grows in those abilities over time to move tests as possible from manual to automated testing.
  • Performs feature and regression testing
  • Works side-by-side with developers as a self-organized team to deliver work items within 2-week sprints.
  • Reproduces issues and documents steps required to do so to enable developers to move quickly to resolve issues.
  • Is able to run sprint demos

To join us you must:

  • Be happy to work in a team-self-organizing, high-ownership environment and become a teammate trusted to deliver outstanding results.
  • Be proficient, capable, and effective at the job, with a managed ego
  • Value the output of the team over individual interests or even productivity
  • Be willing to say what is true, even when it isn’t what others want to hear so that the most informed decisions can be made along the path
  • Have a solid work ethic. Get tremendous satisfaction from delivering features to customers.

Specific qualifications and skills required:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or similar
  • 5 or more years of experience as a QA engineer
  • Detail oriented
  • Familiar with Android and mixed hardware/software environments
  • Familiarity with the Agile and Scrum process
  • Ideally familiar with Atlassian tools including Jira
  • Ideally is a cyclist or has cycling industry experience by some other means.
  • You must be authorized to work in the United States
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